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Diabetic foot health


Diabetic foot health

Diabetes is present, either when the body produces less or no insulin. This results in higher levels of glucose in the blood, which can damage a whole range of body tissues & organs.

The Podiatrist plays a key role in your diabetes foot health as the condition results in the deterioration of the circulation. This in turn leads to damage to the nerves (peripheral neuropathy), eyesight, and poor healing of wounds therefore making the diabetic foot more prone to infection.

With the gradual reduction in sensation, rubbing may occur from ill-fitting shoes & poor foot mechanics – this going unnoticed. With the added factor of reduced vision these wounds may not be easily noticed especially under the feet; therefore making the area more susceptible to infection &/or ulceration.

The Podiatrist is here to provide regular routine neurological, vascular & gait examination as well as provide very important maintenance to the feet (reduce corns, calluses and toenails especially if in growing). This regular diabetic foot care will indicate the rate that the neuropathy maybe progressing and assist in the pressure reduction that can lead to ulceration.

Regular self-care includes:

  • Washing & drying of the feet thoroughly especially between the toes (with mild soap and warm water)
  • Moisturizing the feet daily but not between the toes
  • Look after your general health with exercise and diet
  • Maintain a healthy Blood sugar level (BSL)
  • Have your shoes fitted & check the interior of your shoes regularly for wear & tear or foreign objects penetrating the shoes
  • Visit the Podiatrist regularly for education on self-care and for routine foot care.
  • Regular diabetic foot care from the Podiatrist is a key way to prevent problems from developing in those who are at risk.
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