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Ingrown toe nail removal


Ingrown toe nail removal

An Ingrown toenail occurs when part of the nail pierces the soft tissue at the side of the nail.

As the nail grows the spicule becomes embedded further in the flesh.


  • Poor nail cutting technique may leave a sharp spike or corner of the nail.
  • Trimming too far down the sides of the nail is a common cause of an ingrown toe nail.
  • Some people are predisposed to getting recurrent ingrown toenails due to the shape of their nail. A nail that is more curved from side to side rather than being flat is more likely to become ingrown.
  • Footwear that is tight is more likely to increase pressure between the skin in the nail fold and the nail, increasing the risk of an ingrown toenail.
  • Trauma to the nail may alter the shape of the nail, making it more prone to becoming ingrown.
  • At home you should bath the toe in warm salt water after showering & dress it with an antiseptic and a band aid until you are able to us, we will try to fit you at the same day.
  • If the toenail is only mildly ingrown in the early stages the nail maybe cleared painlessly by the Friendly Feet podiatrist.
  • If conservative treatment is not possible then a nail procedure will be required to remove the offending piece of nail under local anaesthetic in the clinic to remove the part of the nail in growing.
  • If the nail recurrently becomes ingrown then a partial nail avulsion may be performed where part of the nail is removed and the root killed with a caustic agent so it cannot regrow in the problem area. The likelihood of return is extremely minimal.

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